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Nine Hole Club Championship



Venue: Queensbury Golf Club
NEW Date: Sunday 20th August, 2023

Please Note: Any changes to the original teams should be communicated by the club or team organiser to The Competitions Secretary via our Contact Form no later than Thursday 17th August.

Nine Hole Club Championship Winners

Hanging Heaton Golf Club131
Crow Nest Park Golf Club132
Castlefields Golf Club137
Queensbury Golf Club138
Elland Golf Club140
Longley Park Golf Club149
Ryburn Golf Club153
Hebden Bridge Golf Club159
Marsden Golf Club160
Todmorden Golf Club161

Nine Hole Club Championship Individual Scores

PosNameHome ClubGrossHcpNett
1Dominic ScaifeHanging Heaton Golf Club70565 * Best Nett (Back 9 Countback)
2Dean WrightCrow Nest Park Golf Club771265
3S MintoHanging Heaton Golf Club67166 ** Best Gross
4Rob MooreCastlefields Golf Club831766
5Kray BakerCrow Nest Park Golf Club781167
6Oliver MACHONElland Golf Club73568
7Samuel TownQueensbury Golf Club71269
8Richard WhitworthQueensbury Golf Club78969
9Chris WoodCrow Nest Park Golf Club811071
10Tony MoranQueensbury Golf Club912071
11Damian A RoebuckCastlefields Golf Club851471
12Marc DYSONElland Golf Club80872
13Robert GEEElland Golf Club80872
14Richard BADROCKCastlefields Golf Club871473
15Patrick McallisterLongley Park Golf Club841074
16I RadcliffeMarsden Golf Club861175
17Richard SteerLongley Park Golf Club931875
18Isaac Davy- DayTodmorden Golf Club851075
19T RuecroftHanging Heaton Golf Club81576
20John C BurnRyburn Golf Club861076
21Raymond C AttiwellRyburn Golf Club911477
22Mark PowellHebden Bridge Golf Club85778
23Marc WebbRyburn Golf Club931479
24Peter StoreyLongley Park Golf Club981781
25Richard IngramHebden Bridge Golf Club981781
26Lenny WebsterHebden Bridge Golf Club1032083
27Dale HowardMarsden Golf Club991485
28Thomas DurhamTodmorden Golf Club991386
29Paul WilsonMarsden Golf Club1031687
30Paul WilkinsonTodmorden Golf ClubNR18NR

Nine Hole Club Championship Start Sheet

08:04John C Burn HI:10.2 CH:10 PH:10 AWAY
(Ryburn Golf Club)
Richard Whitworth HI:8.8 CH:9 PH:9 AWAY
(Queensbury Golf Club)
Oliver MACHON HI:5.1 CH:5 PH:5 AWAY
(Elland Golf Club)
08:12Marc DYSON HI:7.5 CH:8 PH:8 AWAY
(Elland Golf Club)
Raymond C Attiwell HI:14.2 CH:15 PH:14 AWAY
(Ryburn Golf Club)
Tony Moran HI:20.0 CH:21 PH:20 AWAY
(Queensbury Golf Club)
08:20Samuel Town HI:2.4 CH:2 PH:2 AWAY
(Queensbury Golf Club)
Robert GEE HI:7.5 CH:8 PH:8 AWAY
(Elland Golf Club)
Marc Webb HI:14.6 CH:15 PH:14 AWAY
(Ryburn Golf Club)
08:28Mark Powell HI:6.6 CH:7 PH:7 AWAY
(Hebden Bridge Golf Club)
Dean Wright HI:12.6 CH:13 PH:12 AWAY
(Crow Nest Park Golf Club)
Isaac Davy- Day HI:9.7 CH:10 PH:10 AWAY
(Todmorden Golf Club)
08:36Peter Storey HI:17.2 CH:18 PH:17 AWAY
(Longley Park Golf Club)
Richard Ingram HI:17.7 CH:18 PH:17 AWAY
(Hebden Bridge Golf Club)
Chris Wood HI:10.3 CH:11 PH:10 AWAY
(Crow Nest Park Golf Club)
08:44Thomas Durham HI:14.0 CH:14 PH:13 AWAY
(Todmorden Golf Club)
Patrick Mcallister HI:9.5 CH:10 PH:10 AWAY
(Longley Park Golf Club)
Lenny Webster HI:20.0 CH:21 PH:20 AWAY
(Hebden Bridge Golf Club)
08:52Kray Baker HI:11.4 CH:12 PH:11 AWAY
(Crow Nest Park Golf Club)
Paul Wilkinson HI:18.9 CH:19 PH:18 AWAY
(Todmorden Golf Club)
Richard Steer HI:18.8 CH:19 PH:18 AWAY
(Longley Park Golf Club)
09:00Damian A Roebuck HI:14.4 CH:15 PH:14 AWAY
(Castlefields Golf Club)
S Minto HI:1.1 CH:1 PH:1 AWAY
(Hanging Heaton Golf Club)
Dale Howard HI:14.5 CH:15 PH:14 AWAY
(Marsden Golf Club)
09:08I Radcliffe HI:11.3 CH:12 PH:11 AWAY
(Marsden Golf Club)
Rob Moore HI:17.1 CH:18 PH:17 AWAY
(Castlefields Golf Club)
T Ruecroft HI:5.1 CH:5 PH:5 AWAY
(Hanging Heaton Golf Club)
09:16Dominic Scaife HI:4.8 CH:5 PH:5 AWAY
(Hanging Heaton Golf Club)
Paul Wilson HI:16.5 CH:17 PH:16 AWAY
(Marsden Golf Club)
Richard BADROCK HI:14.8 CH:15 PH:14 AWAY
(Castlefields Golf Club)