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Handicap Team Championship


Jack Sykes Trophy

Venue:  Huddersfield Golf Club

Date: Sunday 26th May, 2024


First place Longley Park
Second place Willow Valley
Third place Crosland Heath

Best Individual score.  John Reilly of  Longley Park 

Full Results will be posted here soonm.

Handicap Team Championship Team Results(2024)

Longley Park Golf Club101
Willow Valley Golf99
Crosland Heath Golf Club97
Huddersfield Golf Club94
Lightcliffe Golf Club94
Todmorden Golf Club92
Outlane Golf Club92
Hanging Heaton Golf Club90
Marsden Golf Club88
Bradley Park Golf Club87
Saddleworth Golf Club84
Castlefields Golf Club84
Dewsbury District Golf Club83
Halifax West End Golf Club82
Crow Nest Park Golf Club79
Meltham Golf Club78
Queensbury Golf Club78
Halifax Bradley Hall Golf Club77
Halifax Golf Club76
Woodsome Hall Golf Club74
Ryburn Golf Club65

Handicap Team Championship Individual Results(2024)

PosNameHome ClubHcpPoints
1John ReillyLongley Park Golf Club1838
2Julian ChadhaMarsden Golf Club1038
3Christopher BurkeLightcliffe Golf Club1737
4Gareth McMahonCrosland Heath Golf Club936
5Thomas MarsdenOutlane Golf Club1136
6Paul Hever*Longley Park Golf Club1435
7Jonathan HeyesHuddersfield Golf Club1235
8Ryan Lee-HaighWillow Valley Golf1135
9Dominic ScaifeHanging Heaton Golf Club935
10Scott SmithWillow Valley Golf1334
11Darren SmethurstDewsbury District Golf Club1034
12Isaac Davy- Day*Todmorden Golf Club1432
13Neil ConnorCrow Nest Park Golf Club1032
14Ian B WelshBradley Park Golf Club1132
15Adam BretherickLightcliffe Golf Club1532
16Simon AinleyCrosland Heath Golf Club1431
17Craig VestTodmorden Golf Club2031
18D PullenSaddleworth Golf Club1131
19Keith Wilson*Castlefields Golf Club1430
20Josh BrittainHalifax Bradley Hall Golf Club1030
21Jamie CooteWillow Valley Golf2030
22James NobleCrosland Heath Golf Club1230
23James BeattieHuddersfield Golf Club1330
24Craig Urquhart*Queensbury Golf Club1429
25Reece GillTodmorden Golf Club1329
26Leigh MullerHalifax Golf Club1729
27Steven WoodWillow Valley Golf1729
28Harry WrightHalifax West End Golf Club1029
29Rob BerryMeltham Golf Club1829
30Mike DempseyHuddersfield Golf Club1729
31James WattHanging Heaton Golf Club1529
32Dean HolroydOutlane Golf Club1629
33Sam Thorpe*Longley Park Golf Club1428
34Jon PerksMarsden Golf Club1028
35J CowellHalifax West End Golf Club1028
36Rob MooreCastlefields Golf Club2028
37Stephen CastleSaddleworth Golf Club1128
38Kerwin DyerQueensbury Golf Club1728
39Daniel Blackburn*Bradley Park Golf Club1428
40Neil GillHalifax Golf Club1027
41H BradburyWoodsome Hall Golf Club1727
42Gary WardBradley Park Golf Club1627
43Dave BerryOutlane Golf Club1827
44Andy BemroseBradley Park Golf Club1727
45Stephen BellOutlane Golf Club1127
46Sam ShibilHuddersfield Golf Club1627
47Gary OLDROYDWoodsome Hall Golf Club1527
48Tom GilbertTodmorden Golf Club1726
49Peter BrookeMeltham Golf Club1126
50Christopher SmithHanging Heaton Golf Club2026
51Richard BADROCKCastlefields Golf Club2026
52Charles FirthDewsbury District Golf Club1525
53Oliver Hemingway*Lightcliffe Golf Club1425
54Alan BateHanging Heaton Golf Club1325
55David WhaleySaddleworth Golf Club1925
56David ParryHalifax West End Golf Club1425
57Linden NormantonRyburn Golf Club2025
58Jack NormantonHalifax Bradley Hall Golf Club1525
59mr micheal beckettCrow Nest Park Golf Club1624
60Kenny StanwixDewsbury District Golf Club1624
61Mick HolroydeHalifax West End Golf Club1624
62Dan MorrowLongley Park Golf Club2024
63Richard HeinsCrow Nest Park Golf Club1523
64Michael BalmforthCrow Nest Park Golf Club1223
65Mark WardMeltham Golf Club1223
66Dale HowardMarsden Golf Club1622
67Tony HellawellMeltham Golf Club1722
68Damon NicholsHalifax Bradley Hall Golf Club1322
69John PrenticeDewsbury District Golf Club1221
70Damian A Roebuck*Castlefields Golf Club1421
71Trevor ThorpeRyburn Golf Club1821
72Richard WhitworthQueensbury Golf Club1221
73Mark RobertsonQueensbury Golf Club1921
74Bob ASHLEYHalifax Golf Club1220
75Phillip SykesWoodsome Hall Golf Club1120
76Harry NIXONWoodsome Hall Golf Club1220
77Michael ListerRyburn Golf Club1419
78Mark SimsMarsden Golf Club1919
79Steven WildSaddleworth Golf Club1619
80Stephen MartinCrosland Heath Golf Club1619
81John C Burn*Ryburn Golf Club1418
82Kieron CassidyHalifax Bradley Hall Golf Club1518
83James BentleyLightcliffe Golf Club918
84Andrew SpeakHalifax Golf Club1013
* Playing Handicap Adjusted down to meet Handicap requirements