Scratch League Standings, Fixtures and Results

Fixtures and Results

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Division 1

Dewsbury District (Scratch)000000
Halifax (Scratch)000000
Huddersfield (Scratch)000000
Lightcliffe (Scratch)000000
Meltham (Scratch)000000
Woodsome Hall (Scratch)000000

Division 3

Bradley Park (Scratch)000000
Crow Nest park (Scratch)000000
Hebden Bridge (Scratch)000000
Queensbury (Scratch)000000
Willow Valley (Scratch)000000

Division 2

Halifax Bradley Hall (Scratch)000000
Crosland Heath (Scratch)000000
Hanging Heaton (Scratch)000000
Outlane (Scratch)000000
Saddleworth (Scratch)000000
Halifax West End (Scratch)000000

Division 4

Castlefields (Scratch)000000
Elland (Scratch)000000
Longley Park (Scratch)000000
Marsden (Scratch)000000
Ryburn (Scratch)000000