During the current, ever-changing situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the UK, I am sure many things are changing in the lives of each and every one of us on a daily basis. The same applies to golf and other leisure activities that we all may undertake on a regular basis.

The Union have been receiving large amounts of information and advice from The R&A, Golf England, Yorkshire and YIDU  and Simon Willis (Hon. Secretary) has had a long chat with the YIDU Secretary Alan Barraclough just to ascertain where we are exactly in plain English.

YIDU Statement – 20 March, 2020

Following on from that conversation, I have summarised the main points as follows:

1. No YIDU competition has been cancelled yet although some have been postponed (see attached letter from YIDU).

2. The idea is that at a reasonable juncture prior to each competition or each month’s fixtures, the YIDU Secretary will send out an e-mail to all 8 Union Secretaries and ask for a vote as to whether the Competition/months fixtures should go ahead.

3. The 1st set of fixtures will be fixtures this will affect are the Junior YIDU League in April.

4. The  Union Executive will have a say on whether YIDU Competitions take place or not along with the other 7 Unions, but we will accept the majority decision.

5. Some Unions have already advised the YIDU Secretary that they will not be playing any fixtures in April so that doesn’t hold out much hope for the YIDU Junior League.

I hope this helps you all.

Difficult and sad times but as I’ve said before, golf will still be here at the end of all this. Let’s stay safe.


Andrew Taylor
HHDUGC President 2020